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Campaign for Criminalization of Torture

AHRC Campaign for criminalization of torture


[ALRC Statement] BANGLADESH: Government continues to dither instead of criminalizing torture - 2011-02-28
[ALRC Statement] SOUTH ASIA: Poor governance and corruption in Bangladesh, India and Nepal leading to child malnutrition and widespread hunger - 2011-02-17
[AHRC Forwarded Statement] BANGLADESH/SOUTH KOREA: Rights group exposes Korean employers' atrocities on workers with direct participation of Bangladeshi agencies - 2011-02-16
[ALRC Statement] BANGLADESH: Government urged to ratify forced disappearances convention and address impunity - 2011-02-15
[ALRC Statement] BANGLADESH: Increasing incidence of enforced disappearances being committed with impunity must be halted - 2010-08-24
[ALRC Statement] BANGLADESH: Death penalty continues despite a flawed criminal justice system - 2010-08-23
BANGLADESH: A discussion on the rape of the nine year old child - 2010-08-23
BANGLADESH: It is your daughter, so what? - 2010-08-19
BANGLADESH: A lady parliamentarian obstructs investigation into rape of a nine year old girl - 2010-08-19
BANGLADESH: The Prime Minister must act to prevent torture than repeating dreary pledges - 2010-06-25

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UPDATE (Bangladesh): State agents allow army officer's relatives to rob off the house of a human rights defender - 2011-03-15
BANGLADESH: Allegation of molesting a subordinate female staff by a male judge requires credible investigation - 2011-03-07
BANGLADESH: Army officer's father threatens to destroy home and establishments of a human rights defender's family - 2011-03-04
BANGLADESH: Police enjoy impunity for torturing a journalist - 2011-02-24
BANGLADESH: Government fails to protect freedom of religion and assembly of Ahmadiyya community - 2011-02-22
BANGLADESH: Pallabi police of Dhaka has killed an 18-year-old college student - 2011-02-15
BANGLADESH: Labour rights activist arbitrarily detained and charged in three fabricated cases - 2011-01-17
[Hunger Alert] BANGLADESH: Thirteen elderly including widows facing lack of food and health care in the Gaibandha District - 2010-11-16
BANGLADESH: Police illegally arrest a lawyer-cum-politician and detain him for months on fabricate charges - 2010-11-01
BANGLADESH: Police tortured a man to death in custody and authorities cover it up as suicide to provide impunity to perpetrators - 2010-10-22

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BANGLADESH: Torture victims have no faith in the judicial system - 2009-06-25
BANGLADESH: A Bill against torture is introduced in Bangladesh - 2009-02-19
BANGLADESH: A quandary for the prisoners - 2008-11-07
BANGLADESH: AHRC cautiously welcomes order on separation of judiciary - 2007-01-11
BANGLADESH: New petition urges end to political control of judges - 2006-11-15
BANGLADESH: AHRC launches Bangladesh human rights webpage - 2006-11-10
BANGLADESH: Killer, torturer list submitted to UN peacekeeping unit - 2006-08-24
[ALRC Press Release] BANGLADESH: UN inaction on Bangladesh "immoral", new report says - 2006-08-24
BANGLADESH: UN needs special envoy for Bangladesh, AHRC says - 2006-08-18
BANGLADESH: UN urged to bar Bangladesh from peacekeeping - 2006-08-17

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Torture Day Material: Postcard Poster Sticker1 Sticker2 Sticker3 Sticker4

Judgments and Case Reports

  • Conviction of Editor-Journalists of AmarDesh in Contempt Petition No.5 of 2010 [PDF]
  • Bangladesh Supreme Court's Short Order on Contempt of Court against Journalists of Amar Desh [PDF]
  • Final Judgment on Murder of Sheikh Muzibur Rahman [PDF]
  • Appellate Divisions Verdict on 5th Amendment High Court [PDF]
  • Judgment on Right to Health-25BLD [PDF]
  • Judgment on Right to Shelter-13BLC-HCD-2008384 [PDF]
  • Judgment on Children's Right-57DLR-HCD-2005 [PDF]
  • Judgment on Fotwa and illegal punishment-ejp-judgment-8July2010 [PDF]
  • Judgment on Necessity of Sessions Courts in Chittagong Hill Tracts (in Bangla) [PDF]
  • Judgment on the 7th Amendment of Constitution of Bangladesh [PDF]
  • Judgment with Directives on Police Remand-55-DLR-363 [PDF]



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