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His Excellency Professor Iajuddin Ahmed
President, People's Republic of Bangladesh
Chief Advisor, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Bangabhaban, Dhaka

Your Excellency


The situation of human rights in Bangladesh is grave. Torture, extrajudicial killing and other gross abuses have been extensively documented and widely reported abroad.

However, the people of Bangladesh have no way to obtain redress for the wrongs they have suffered. Nor can they stop future incidents. This is because the lower judiciary of Bangladesh is under government ministries. It is not independent.

Political control of the lower judiciary is the greatest obstacle to the enjoyment of human rights in Bangladesh.

Successive governments have for years promised, both to the people of Bangladesh and international organisations, to separate the judges from the administration. The Supreme Court has also ordered it. Everyone knows that government control of the courts is wrong. But still nothing has been done about it. I fail to understand why.

There is no alternative: the judges of Bangladesh must be independent. Enough time and promises have passed. I call for the courts to be separated from the ministries without any more delay.

Please act now: for the sake of human rights and the rule of law, free the courts of Bangladesh from political control. The lives and liberties of the people of Bangladesh depend upon this.
Yours sincerely,

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Avcbvi AbyMZ,



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